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Founder & Director: Kathleen Zwahlen

Kathleen Zwahlen started the Hunt Ridge Montessori school over 30 years ago. She is devoted to entering every classroom and all the children who have passed through her halls. You will find her sitting with the children working on their projects, laughing and smiling as she sees them grow and advance year after year. 

The devotion of the staff to the children at Hunt Ridge Montessori is unsurpassed and is reflected in the school's history and its alumni families that are still strong advocates and cheerleaders of the school.


Jennifer Hios & Shannon Messina

Romesha Jayasundera & Jinny Jiang

Maya Smith & Grace Lee

Administrative Coordinator:


Bevin Cosgriff

Piano lessons - Maurya Brown


Maurya Brown has been teaching music these past thirty years. She has a B.A. in vocal music and education with concentrations in art and theater. She received receive vocal and choral training under conductor, composer, singer, author and professor Dr. Axel Theimer. Children are taught using the Suzuki method, and end the school year with a recital.

French - Maryse Jolicoeur


Maryse Jolicoeur is an experienced teacher of Parisian French. She has a Bachelors of Arts in French Literature and Art History. We are pleased to have her teach our children at Hunt Ridge, with her extensive work experience in Fairfield County. They learn french vocabulary and prose, Wednesday mornings.


Art Fair

Every May

Parent volunteers put together an Art Fair for our students.

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