October 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 30

Dear Parents,

We welcome you to a new school year, new friends for you and your child…. and a busy month ahead! I would personally like to say “thank you” to everyone for their patience during the car drop off and pick up. Thank you so much.

October 6 Scholastic Orders Due

October 8 Sweatshirt / T-Shirt Orders Due

October 8 School Pictures

October 12 Columbus Day – No School

October 15 Fall Festival – At School

October 15 Small Hands Orders Due

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. -Maria Montessori

Scholastic Books Code - MFZ6Y - October 6

You may now order you Scholastic Books online using our School Code, MFZ6Q. Your order will be shipped to school and we will deliver the books to you when they arrive! We will still be collecting orders at school but wanted to give you the option of ordering from the convenience of your home!

Hunt Ridge Sweatshirts and T-Shirts – October 8

Fall is here! We have snuggly warm sweatshirts and long-sleeved T-shirts with our Hunt Ridge Montessori logo available in both child and adult sizes! Please place your order by Thursday, October 8th.

School Pictures - October 8

The children will have their pictures taken on Thursday, October 8th. Ted, the photographer, has done an amazing job for us in the past and we look forward to him coming again this year.

Gone Sailing…October 12

We wish you all a Happy Christopher Columbus Day! The holiday will be celebrated on Monday, October 12th. There will be no school on this day.

Fall Festival – October 15

We are delighted to be having our Fall Festival again this year! There will be games for the children and pumpkin decorating, Fall Bingo and much more. With our new health and safety regulations in place, this event will be for our children only. Thank you for understanding.

Small Hands Fundraiser – October 15

Get your holiday shopping early! Small Hands is a wonderful resource for families to find authentic Montessori materials. In the past, this fundraiser has been a huge success. Together, our families have purchased items for their own children and many wonderful “Wish List” items for our classrooms. All that shopping results in a valuable credit for our school which is then used to purchase educational supplies for Hunt Ridge. We’re so thankful for your support! More details and catalogs will be sent next week.

Flu Immunization !!!

All students attending The Hunt Ridge Montessori School are required by State Law to receive the Flu Immunization. Any child under the age of 5 who is enrolled in our school is required to have the Flu Immunization and the documentation from the doctor. Please ask if you have any questions. If you choose NOT to have your child receive the Flu Immunization, we will need a NOTARIZED EXEMPTION FORM before December 15th, 2020.

*** This is the last year we will be accepting Notarized Exemption Forms. ***

Name that Coat!

When the weather turns cooler, the children come to school with sweaters and coats. Often times, these clothes are new, we do not recognize them and neither does your child! Please take five minutes and write your child’s name in their coat, hat, gloves and boots. It will help us return your child to you in the clothes he or she came in!

In Parting…

When your child is leaving for the day we like to put our hand over our heart and say good-bye, just as we do when your child arrives each day. Will you kindly help us reinforce this wonderful lesson in grace and courtesy?

School Email

The school has 2 email addresses

huntridgemontessorischool@gmail.com - Kathleen Zwahlen

huntridge0930@gmail.com - Bevin Cosgriff

The first email address comes to me, the 2nd email address goes to Bevin Cosgriff. For returning families…will you please change your contact name to Bevin Cosgriff for this 2nd email address.

Social Media

Please “Follow us” on social media. We appreciate you “LIKING” us and “SHARING” our posts too!

Facebook @huntridgemontessori

Instagram @huntridgemontessorischool

The Grand Finale

Halloween can be a delightful time of year for most; however, it can be quite scary for the younger children. It has always been our policy to have the Halloween costumes remain at home.

We would be so sad if someone’s costume was torn, or worse yet, have some snack spilled on it!!! So save that costume for the Night of Fright! I am sure we will hear all the details!


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