February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Happy February! February 10 Re-enrollment February 11 Valentine’s Day Celebration February 12-15 Winter Break – NO SCHOOL Re-enrollment: February 10, 2021 The re-enrollment forms will be distributed to our current students. I thank each family who has shared their child with us and has believed in the full Montessori program. Our hope is that through this three-year journey, each child will be curious, patient and confident in their abilities to discover the world and build lasting relationships with those they entrust. If you have any questions regarding the placement of your child for next year, please ask. We are honored to be teaching your child. Reenrollment forms will be distributed on February 3rd and we ask that you return the form by Wednesday, February 10, 2021. Valentine's Day Our Valentine's Day celebration will be Thursday, February 11th. The children love this holiday and in an effort to keep it fun for everyone, here are some helpful hints. If you are going to send Valentines, please…

*Send for your CHILD’S CLASS ONLY.* *Have your child sign THEIR NAME ONLY. DO NOT ADDRESS each valentine.* *Please NO FOOD/CANDY items.*

This makes it easier for Cupid to deliver one Valentine to each person. Happy times will be had by everyone!! Winter Recess School will be closed for Winter Recess, February 12th through February 15th. This schedule will enable you to have a nice, long February weekend. Change of Clothes Please check your child’s Change of Clothes box. Many are missing items and are in need of pants for these winter months. Sweatpants work well! Shorts are a little chilly for this time of year but we will be in need of those in a month or two…..or three! Healthy Notes We would like to keep everyone healthy while they are here.…… Thank you for doing your part……it is so important for all of us! * Posting the below in your home will be a good reminder!

Fever: 24 hours fever free – no meds Stomach Virus: 24 hours of keeping food down before returning. Pink Eye: Conjunctivitis: * 48 hours on medication prior to returning Strep/Impetigo: Please call the office immediately to notify. * 48 hours on medication prior to returning. Head Injuries: Please know that for your child’s safety, I will need a doctor’s note from your child’s doctor upon their return to school. We are required to report Communicable Diseases to the Health Department. Please let me know of any Communicable Disease that your child may have. This may be done by a phone call to the office or by sending an email to the school. Communicable Diseases which are to be reported are: Bronchitis Chicken Pox Conjunctivitis Flu Coxsackie virus Croup Fifth Disease G.I. Virus Head Lice Impetigo Lyme disease Pneumonia Molluscum Contagiousum Ringworm Strep COVID Travel Restrictions and Safe Practices Please remember to practice a health check at home before coming to school daily. If the answer is “yes” to any of the below questions you should keep your home from school and monitor symptoms.

· Fever of 99.6 degrees or higher · Chills or feeling feverish · New, uncontrolled cough · Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing · Loss of taste or smell · Sore Throat · Significant fatigue, muscle or body aches · New onset of headache, especially with fever · Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain

Please remember that all foreign and domestic travel that is 24 hours or longer with the exception of travel to NY, NJ and RI requires a 10-day quarantine. You may test out of quarantine with a rapid or PCR test. Testing may happen 72 hours prior to leaving the travel destination or upon arrival in CT. You cannot test out prior to leaving CT if your trip to an affected state is less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours. All test results and other documentation must still be submitted to the state.

Disinfecting Wipes

We are trying to keep everyone as healthy as possible and with your help……..I know we will succeed! We are asking each family to send in 2 Containers of Disinfecting Wipes for their child’s classroom. We have been wiping down the tables, chairs and shelves continuously to keep the children and adults healthy. Your help is so appreciated!

Traffic Reminder

Kindly drive behind the Church complex in the morning at drop-off……... and at lunchtime when picking up your child. Thank you for driving so carefully!

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